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Get A second valid U.S. Passport FAST, RAPID,SECURE

“Passport and Visa Express” can have your application for getting a second passport processed in as little as 1 day.Fast, Simple and Secure

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How it works in three simple steps?


Fill out your ONLINE forms and gather the required documents mentioned below


Submit required documents in person or by mail


Receive your Passport.

How to Apply - Steps

You must provide one color, passport-type photograph. The photograph must:

  • Be printed on photo paper
  • Have a white background
  • Be two inches by two inches
  • Have been taken within the last six months
  • Taken without glasses, if applicable
  • The United States Passport Office has issued a guide on the correct format for photographs. Consult the guide if you have questions:
    Download Passport Photo Guidelines

  • Passport and Visa Express Order Form

  • You must submit your most recently issued valid 10 year passport.
  • [ no copies, must be original]

  • Flight itinerary or company letter requesting rush service

  • Explanation of Requirement for Second Valid Passport
  • Letter signed by the applicant addressed to the Passport Agency explaining why a second passport is necessary
  • Sample Letter

  • A check or money order of $170 made to – U.S Department of State

Who can Apply

Apply to any one of the following, you are eligible for a second Passport

  • You need a Visa stamp in your passport and need to travel internationally at the same time
  • Your Destination is between politically sensitive countries


  • Second Limited Passports have a validity of 4 (four) years and many not be renewed. Approval of the issue of a second valid passport in determined solely by the U.S. Passport Agency, based on the applicant’s requirement for the passport.
  • All documents must be signed and mailed to us. You may not scan and email us these documents because the Department of State requires original signatures

Why should I choose PASSPORT & VISA EXPRESS to expedite my U.S. passport application?

Choosing “PASSPORT & VISA EXPRESS” is not obligatory and Mandatory, but our work, dedication and service speaks for itself. If you require your application for a second valid U.S.Passport directed, organized and managed rushing, professionally and secured on time to make your trip favourable outcome. Hence “PASSPORT & VISA EXPRESS” struggle to their heartfelt service.

Use our secure, prompt Rapid U.S. Passport services and make your trip extraordinary spectacular.

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Fast, Painless, Easy and Secure

  • Our Customer support is cemented-bonded with the customers to fill the Application process.
  • Safe and unthreatened Online Order Form
  • FedEx document shipping to and from our office
  • Possible processing time is zippy.
  • Quick Service

    “To deliver Passport and Visa Services to citizens in a timely, transparent, more accessible, reliable manner and in a comfortable environment through streamlined processes and committed, trained and motivated workforce”

    When you need to travel sooner rather than later, “Passport and Visa Express” can have your application for getting a second passport processed in a fraction of the time it would take going through the direct application process.


    • U.S.Passport agency can take 4-7 weeks but Passport and Visa Express can reduce to Expedited 24 hours
    • Standard 8-12 days

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