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  1. We do not issue your desired documents, but we help you submit & retrieve the documents as your authorized courier-agent, in a timely manner.
  2. We have no control over the decision by the Issuing Authority regarding approval or denial of any document (or additional supporting requirements) based on the information submitted by you. Likewise, we have no control on the truthfulness or completeness of your statements that may effect the decision.
  3. The official requirements sometimes seem to be unusual, unwarranted, or arbitrary; may change often; and may not always be applied equitably. But the latest requirements must be met to get the desired document.
  4. You may incur additional charges, if we have to made extra trips to the document processing office.
  5. You must review the final documents immediately and thoroughly to meet your needs, on receipt of the documents. If any correction, change, or modification is necessary, we must be informed immediately at the time. It may require a new separate service order.
  6. We act as your courier-agent; and accept no responsibility for delays or loss of any document by any Travel Agent, Consulate, EMbassy, Passport Office, any other entities or any delivery-service involved in handling documents.
  7. No ancillary, consequential, or damage protection is provided. Our maximum liability to you and yours is the amount of dee paid to us. Plano, TX is agreed as jurisdiction for all matters.
  8. Our minimum fee of $20.00 is payable for our assistance if you decide not to use our passport expediting or visa service; but the fee may be applied toward the total service fees.
  9. A fee is applied on usage of credit card for payment under $25.00, or if cardholder is not personally present to sign the charge draft.
  10. $25.00 fee is imposed on returned, unpaid check or denied (or reversed) credit card charge, irrespective of the reason. Additional collection fees & legal charges may also be applicable if good payment is not made on demand.

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